About Lotte

So yeah, I make Lots of stuff! Like tweets, photos of yummy food, videos of foxes and hamsters... but mostly that VIDEOGAME stuff! I've been working as a game dev since 2009(!!!) and I've been building stuff with Unity pretty much every day since version 3.0 graced our screens actual ages back in 2010. Over that time I've been a programmer on a whole bunch of amazing indie games (some of which were even released!): if you've ever battled against a virus in an online Plague Inc. multiplayer match or browsed through abilities in The Swindle’s in-game perk system you've been playing with code that I touched. Hell, I even worked on an MLB game once (and I'm still not really sure what a sport even is).

But these days you probably most would know me from that whole twitter thing cos GOSH WOW DO I LIKE TWEETING ABOUT UNITY

About LotteMakesStuff

LotteMakesStuff is the home for all the Unity things I make! Basically, I fricking adore this game engine! This will be the home for all my tutorials, tools and feature deep dives. Hopefully by the end of 2018 its going to be full of info on all the new things unity are releasing this year!

Lotte's Projects

Here's all the projects wot ive done

Game Contract

John Wick Hex

Game Contract

Gun Monkeys

Procedural Generation, networking
Game Contract

The Swindle

Procedural Generation, UI
Game Contract

R.B.I Baseball 2017

Xbox Live Networking
Game Contract


Bug fixing, (moral) support
Game Contract

Plague Inc Evolved

Bug hunting, Networking


Unity 5 post process
Open Source

Lotte's Gists

Open examples, from lotte with love
Open Source

Simple Physics

Unity 2018 job system sample
Asset WIP

SuperRaycast ECS

Hyper fast raycasting engine
Asset WIP

HyperPhysics ECS

massive scale physics effects
Notes WIP

2018.X fieldnotes

extensive notes on 2018 good bits

and im always working on more~ 👩‍💻