please note, this document is a work in progress💖

Its finally happened!

Unity has a wonderful box-shaped gift for us all, a total overhaul of how Prefabs work!! I don't know about you, but literally the first thing I learned about in Unity was how to make a prefab... then I immediately tried to nest them and was terribly confused as to why it didn't work! Nesting prefabs is the most natural developer interaction in the world, and starting in Unity 2018.3 its actually going to work right (and also do a whole bunch of other new neat tricks). Even better? there's a preview build based on 2018.2 out RIGHT NOW!! Go grab it and get started!!

Prefab Mode

Up until now, one big problem with prefabs has been actually editing them! They don't show up well in the inspector, you end up having to drag one into the scene to work on it - this can be scary, especially for the designers on your team! Editing a prefab that already exists in your scene is worse, its hard to know if your working on a Prefab instance or a Prefab Asset... it was hard! Now in 2018, Unity have this new Prefab Mode feature that isolates a Prefab! To edit a Prefab Asset (the source asset file in your project a Prefab is instanced from), you can open it in Prefab Mode. You just have to double click its Asset file in the project view or click the little arrows next to a Prefab instance in the Hierarchy. Tada!!! it's now totally isolated!

notice the breadcrumbs at the top? Thats important! the three balls here are the balls from the top of the main prefab in that video - we could zoom in to just edit the ball prefab, which would put an extra entry in the breadcrumb trail! Heres a closeup

alt text

Nested Prefabs

ohh~ Okay so here we see a prefab thats made up of a bunch of other prefabs! NESTED! Inside Prefab Mode we can tell what objects in the Prefabs hierarchy are prefabs that are nested inside - the get that familier blue cube! Talking of nested prefabs...